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We are thrilled to invite you all to the TIMD workshop that will be held from 15th – 22nd of October 2023, in the beautiful and serene Finnish nature at Lake Siikajärvi. Through this workshop we want to support TIMD to spread around Europe after successful workshops already organized in other parts of Europe.

What is Tong-Il Moo-Do? 

Tong-Il Moo-Do is the way of unified martial arts centring upon the Unification Principle. It is a practise that develops mature character and encourages us to contribute to society and world peace. More about TIMD here.

What can you expect from the WS?

The workshop consists of physical training and lectures on TIMD philosophy. TIMD techniques include self-defence, punching, falling, striking, throwing, blocking, kicking and more! TIMD: s main purpose is to train unity between the mind and body. The lectures will be in English.

How to register?

Fill this registration form to register to the WS! Registrations are open for the time being.

Below you will find relevant information regarding this European level workshop

Workshop info:

  • Workshop Motto: March forward bravely with discipline
  • Lecturers and trainers:
    • Grandmaster Takamitsu Hoshiko (Co-President, World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation IHQ President, WTMF European and Japan Region)
    • Grandmaster Venus Augustin (Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, WTMF IHQ)
    • Nabeshima Megumi (TIMD black belt practitioner and disciple)
  • Participants’ age: 15+
  • Workshop Language: English
  • Workshop fee: 247€ (excluding TIMD uniform, info about the uniforms come later)

Registration info:

Register via registration form. We will send you a confirmation email in 5 days to the same address provided at the registration. Please wait for the confirmation email before booking your travel! We will provide up-to-date information regarding the workshop via email or whatsapp group that we create.

Travel info:

Be sure to book arrivals so that you make it to orientation on Sunday 15th of October. Orientation starts at 5 pm. Book departures for Sunday 22nd of October after 3 pm. Otherwise you will miss some parts of the programme! The staff will arrange pick up from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the workshop venue (van, car etc.) and further information will be provided once participants register.


If you have any questions, contact us at: (workshop coordinator)

See you in Finland!